Wimpole wheat goes into new ‘Cambridge Loaf’

A genuinely local loaf has just arrived. The Cambridge Loaf is made from organic wheat grown on the Wimpole Estate, milled at Fosters Mill in the East Cambridgeshire village of Swaffham Prior and baked at Cobs Bakery in Cambridge. In fact, as far as food miles are concerned, it will be under 30 miles in total from the fields of Wimpole to the local shops stocking it.

Wimpole_cambridge loafAbi Erian, Wimpole’s Trainee Farm Manager reveals all…

This is a true first for us, this joint venture between the National Trust at Wimpole Estate, miller Jonathon Cook and baker Alan Ackroyd, means that we’ve been able to produce a loaf with local provenance at its heart.

We grew 100 tonnes of a spring wheat called Mulika last year, which has excellent grain quality, with a very good protein content. Therefore it is good enough to use in baking and what better way than to create a delicious new Cambridge loaf.

Fosters Mill at Swaffham Prior, run by Miller Jonathon Cook, is a fully working windmill; producing a range of organic flours, milled using wind power only. They grind wheat sourced from local farms and Jon is a passionate sourdough baker, rigorously checking the quality of wheat and flours by baking with them to ensure the quality of the product.

Alan at Cobs Bakery has a passion for bread-making and already has a range of organic breads featuring the products of skilled local millers such as Jonathan Cook at Foster’s Mill. Cobs Bakery is a regular feature at Farmers Markets across the area with a local reputation for great bread.

So we’re delighted to say that the Cambridge Loaf will now be available in the Stable Shop at Wimpole on Saturdays (whilst stock last) and will also be available from 12 local farm shops and also online from Cobs Bakery. In addition to the bread, bags of flour will also be on sale so visitors can even try baking at home with Wimpole flour.

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